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This Consult Will Be Your Last In Your Search For Answers!

Self Reflection: I’d encourage you to spend some time doing this yourself. Take accountability for what’s yours, and hand back trauma and shame that was never yours to hold.

Relationships can reflect the best of us or the most broken parts of ourselves. We find comfort in the broken and familiar, but broken ways will never heal. And without healing, our growth and ascension remains stagnant.

Once we reach for more, we may see reflections of others differently. They may not have changed at all, but we most definitely have. Sometimes, we see the pain or abuse they created. Sometimes, we see how they led us off course. Sometimes, we see that they were holding the truth we weren’t ready for. Sometimes, we have to stop and see the reflection for what it is and/or how it has changed.

Who represents broken parts of you?

Who can help you ascend?

Everything is a choice. And choices will change as consciousness expands. This expansion is where love of self grows.

Your Last Consult: Dr. Ellwanger uses her insight and knowledge to piece together the symptoms, feelings, and desires together based on each individual's values.

How health is achieved and maintained seems complicated and overwhelming, but in reality, it can become very simple and easy!! Consults are a great way to deconstruct the past and move towards building a life that seems like a miracle!


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