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You will find affordable options for individuals & families here.


Hey there

This could be your last search for answers.

As a holistic healer with certifications in chiropractic, acupuncture, functional medicine, and energetic healing, I am able to directly influence how the nervous system regulates health, behavior, mood, and tolerance to stress. I offer valuable insight for the cause of symptoms and support changes that feel less overwhelming.


Here's How I Can Help

Consults are a great place to start!

Whether you're frustrated and defeated or you're excited and hopeful, validation via a consult can provide what's needed to find your way forward and let go of the past!


Protocols rarely work because the cause of the symptom is rarely the same.  Often, protocols will cause more damage than good. Resolving the symptom successfully takes more.



Reviewing where you are, what has worked, and how you'd like to feel/heal helps me see if you'd be a great candidate to work with me.



It allows you to gauge how you're left feeling and if you're willing to make changes necessary. You'll also likely leave with a few advisable changes to implement regardless if continued guidance is sought.


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Herbal Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine most places involve costly visits & lab tests that provide little understanding of why tests are abnormal.  Symptom treatment &/or 'normalizing' labs, even naturally, often still does not address the 'true' root cause. Bloodwork tests 'normal' for most because the body maintains homeostasis.  Changing chemistry of the body does not always lend to healing; this is why results are inconsistent &/or only maintained short-term.  Dr. Ellwanger's approach is drastically different. More HERE

BioCODE Scans:  Complete health, hormone balance, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, toxin load, and healing remedies

Convenient virtual case reviews & consults

Exceptional affordability & long-term results

functional medicine

Brain-Based Functional Chiropractic

Delayed development of the brain's right prefrontal cortex leaves an infant more prone to both physical, motor, sensory, learning, and mental health struggles both now and in the future. Chiropractic's goal is to increase TONE of the nervous system for a lifetime of regulation and tolerance to internal & external stress.

Eliminate acute & chronic pain

Maximize brain function & mood regulation

Proactively invest in future health

Acupuncture Tools

& Cold Laser

Both acupuncture & cold laser modalities can be used for acute and chronic issues.  They are available as separate services or can be combined with other services offered.

Reduce inflammation

Speed healing & reduce scar tissue formation

Benefits for mental & physical health concerns

Start Today

The magnitude of healing is directly proportional to the choices you make.

Every choice moves on closer to or further from health.  Some choices lead to immediate and noticeable change/symptom reduction; these are the easiest to make.  Short-term gains can be rewarding - relief even - but also require more energy input overall as they require constant attention and effort.

Knowing the causes of symptoms, mood, behavior, and dis-ease make the choices for long-term change obvious. More is not always better.  Better is ease, joy, and fulfillment amidst the noise and overwhelm of the day to day stress of life.

While I offer short-term and single visit chiropractic options, the best investment is in proper nervous system regulation; my membership model ensures one thing:

a focus on what is necessary without unexpected fees.

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