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Health Mindset Guide

Meet Your

A holistic healer guided by spirituality & the mind-body connection.

A doctor of chiropractic with certifications in functional medicine, and acupuncture.


What's Normal

Health is not the absence of dis-ease. It is the ability to regulate function & adapt.

Health is fundamental regardless if you take the time to nurture it. Your body will do it’s best with or without your help. Symptoms are the signal the body IS healing and protecting the individual. Symptoms are uncomfortable because they are designed to get you to address what is incongruent - as within, so without.

You can justify your choices for comfort and ease or you can pause and examine truths that very well may make you uncomfortable.

A wounded healer.
A curious learner. 

From a young age, I knew I would help people in my career. Through life experiences, I felt called to be a chiropractor.  During chiropractic school, I fell in love with MN and stayed to open multiple clinics before life threw a curveball- a high speed car accident in September of 2014.  After many prayers, it was clear things would not be the same. Because of my own healing journeys combined with innate wisdom and constant pursuit of acquired knowledge, my life's purpose continues to be to guide families with natural ways of healing that do not require constant grit and struggle. While I can't prevent unforeseen incidents of life, I can set the body up to adapt and thrive in both states of health and times of suffering.  I am passionate about giving children the best possible chance to grow into adults with far less dis-ease, physical ailments, and mental health struggles. 

2002 Millard South High School

2006 Northwest Missouri State University (Biology/Biochemistry)

2009 Northwestern Health Sciences University (Doctor Of Chiropractic)

Webster Certified (Pregnancy)

Multiple ADHD & Brain-Based Certifications

The Guide

Dr. Megan Ellwanger

Chiropractic // Functional Medicine // Acupuncture





Experienced Pediatric Chiropractor

& Leader In Brain Development


Children will not simply outgrow developmental delays.  Mature brains allow them to "stop and think" and are he result of movement and integration of the brain and nervous system.  It is best to prevent these delays in the first two years of life when the brain is rapidly maturing (80% growth) and integrating.

Infants get labels of: MSPI, torticollis, sleep issues, colic, ear infections

Older children get labels of:  ADHD, anxiety, autism, behavior issues, SPD, OCD, ODD

Brain Body Mind Soul

I believe in honoring the perfect design of the body.

Life Aligned

functional medicine omaha_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

My Philosophy

Values drive choices.  Truth leads to change.

Suppressing symptoms will only make the body scream louder and manifest more dis-ease. Tolerance of symptoms has decreased, as labels to normalize symptoms have increased. Whether physical or mental, it is one’s own responsibility to take accountability for confronting the work our body is pleading with us to do.


Trauma will always have an impact on how we experience ourselves and how we express health. A salutogenic model allows a proactive focus on supporting health, emotions, and well-being rather than being reactive to dis-ease.


I am unique as a healer and chiropractor; I will not be for everyone. I will provide knowledge, hope, and a perspective many are searching for. 


Truth leads to change, and I'll hold it for anyone willing to accept it!

let's find solutions

Change does not have to feel like a challenge.

This will be your last search for answers. More overwhelm and more dysregulation will not get the results I've seen achieved over and over again; non-threatening changes will.  

Some call it magic.  Some call it miracles. Magic or miracles, I expect change.

Virtual consults & functional medicine services make getting help from anywhere easy. Chiropractic memberships provide a valuable investment for individuals and families. 

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