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Let's get your
life aligned.

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A holistic approach to resolving symptoms resulting

from dysregulation of the mind-body connection. 


Health Services

An expert in development, behavior, mood, and
chronic dis-ease.



Affordable options with benefits far exceeding traditional functional medicine without the starting cost of $3,000 or more.

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Designer Notebook


Holistic guidance needed to determine the best individual steps to get your life aligned combining neurology, functional medicine, and energetic methods. Searching for answers stops here. Schedule here



Recover from persistent pain and issues. Set children up for lifelong neurodevelopmental health and mental wellbeing. Dr. Megan helps adults & children.

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Affordable Options

The magnitude of healing is directly proportional to the choices you make.

Every choice moves on closer to or further from health.  Some choices lead to immediate and noticeable change/symptom reduction; these are the easiest to make.  Short-term gains can be rewarding - relief even - but also require more energy input overall as they require constant attention and effort.

Knowing the causes of symptoms, mood, behavior, and dis-ease make the choices for long-term change obvious. More is not always better.  Better is ease, joy, and fulfillment amidst the noise and overwhelm of the day to day stress of life.

While I offer single visit options, the best investment is in proper

nervous system regulation; my membership model ensures one thing:

a focus on what is necessary without unexpected fees.

Life Aligned

Discover your innate healing ability

The Last Consult You'll Need

It is no secret that the world is full of external toxins and nourishment lacks in many.  While everyone needs to manage these, it is mindset and the ability of our nervous systems to regulate that sets apart those experiencing dis-ease states and those with vital health.

My own experience of various issues helps me to have compassion for others during their conscious discovery of how best to resolve symptoms, conflict, and health struggles whether acute or chronic.


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Change Is Possible

What They Said

Dr. Megan is the best! I suffer from chronic migraines and consistently being treated by Dr. Megan has significantly reduced my number of headache days. The best part is not only how good she makes me feel, but that she’s so accommodating and caring for my whole family. My girls are so comfortable seeing her and will ask to go see her to “feel better!” Couldn’t recommend someone more invested in our overall well-being!

Mallory Hoskinson

On Purpose Parents

Disconnected kids lead to disconnected families.

What if all the struggles had a purpose?  Chances are they do!

Kids are mirrors to parts of our unhealed selves.  Solving their symptoms, moods, behaviors, and health struggles is an exhausting challenge.  But it doesn't have to be! 

On Purpose Parents blends foundations of attachment, growth, development, and parenting in a way that makes it easy for parents to tackle challenges with less overwhelm. 

Free Ebook

Resolving Dysfunction With Ease

Maybe more input, solutions &/or answers is not what you need. 

Maybe you need less?  Find out how to resolve dysfunction with ease.

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